July 10 – Packing

I am a horrible packer

As someone who likes to plan for any contingency, packing has always been a challenge for me.  Whenever I’m throwing clothes in a bag, thoughts like this go through my mind…

  • What if it’s rainy every day?
  • What it it snows?
  • What if I need long sleeve shirts every day to hide my horrible skin disease I get from eating something that I don’t recognize?
  • What if I need a coat and tie to meet the King?
  • What if I eat very sloppily (a likely occurance) and I need two changes of clothes per day?
  • What if two pairs of jeans isn’t enough for a 4 day trip?
  • What if I need to go on a long hike, shouldn’t I bring my hiking boots?
  • What if Godzilla returns?

As such, I tend to pack a giant suitcase to the point where its gravitational pull slightly affects the rotation of the Earth.

Normally this isn’t a big deal as the suitcase moves a few feet to my rental car and another few feet to my hotel room.

In Japan, on the other hand, I’ll be lugging everything around in a large backpack – taking everything on public transportation often!  This isn’t the time or place for me to bring everything under the sun.

I’ve got a big open backpack sitting in front of me and a bunch of clothes in my closet.  At some point I’m going to have to move some clothes from closet to backpack.

This is probably why I’m writing this blog and watching YouTube videos instead of packing…after all…

I am a horrible packer.