Fellowship Information

This Fellowship would not have been possible without the generous support of two foundations that funded my Fellowship. Fund For Teacher is the organization that provided funds for this educational fellowship. The Public Education Foundation is a local collaborator, fascinating the grant in the Chattanooga area.

Please learn more about them below and think about supporting them in order to provide opportunities for teachers like myself in the future.

Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.

“Successful teachers (those who change students’ perceptions and promote inquiry) consistently refine their practice – pushing beyond the expected to create engaging learning environments. Fund for Teachers grants empower that process. The entire process, from application to classroom implementation, also validates teachers’ leadership capabilities, a leading factor influencing their decision to remain in or leave the profession.”Karen Webb, Fund for Teachers' executive director

The Fund for Teachers Fellowship will allow me, and many other teachers, to create a Fellowship that will allow me to learn via doing. The new global perspective that I bring back to the classroom and community will transform the way I teach and the way my students look at the science content that I teach.

Fund for Teachers supports educators’ efforts to develop skills, knowledge and confidence that impact student achievement. By trusting teachers to design unique fellowships, Fund for Teachers grants validate teachers’ professionalism and leadership, as well. Since 2001, Fund for Teachers has invested $22 million in nearly 6,000 teachers, transforming grants into growth for teachers and their students.

Public Education Foundation

The Public Education Foundation (PEF) has supported public education in the Chattanooga area for the past 25 years. Through multiple programs, including programs for teachers, students, and principals, PEF’s goal is to make every educator and student successful.

At PEF, we believe there’s nothing more important to our community’s future than strengthening our public schools. We’re an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization that, for almost twenty‐five years, has provided training, research and resources to teachers, principals and schools in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.We do more than provide funds; we’re innovators, working with partners in education to transform public education. Our mission is simple: we want to increase student achievement so all students succeed in learning and in life.

To most efficiently administer fellowships across the country, Fund for Teachers relies upon local education foundations like the PEF to administer the fellowship process among their local constituencies. These dedicated non-profit organizations market the program, manage applications from their surrounding communities and serve as the primary point of contact for applicants and Fellows. We are indebted to the valuable work these partners undertake to make Fund for Teachers a well-run, national program of excellence.